Some 10m action

At last, finally managed to work some 10m stations on a weekend. These last two weeks I’ve ended up switching off and going out for a walk due to the noise, pileups and general bad behaviour of some operators; tuning up over a station, calling without listening, calling without realising they’re working split, using recordings of their call over and over. First contact of the day was JH4UYB in a Japan contest. No idea what the contest was but worked him easily anyway. After watching the Formula 1 qualifying I came back into the shack (it’s my recording studio really but more about that another day) and worked the Azores, Peru, Argentina, Saint Vincent, and Trinidad and Tobago. Bit of a surprise really as I didn’t think I was getting out. Sat on Guatemala for ages but he didn’t hear me. USA very loud, heard some west coast too.


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