Month: February 2012

Hexbeam up!

Beautiful weather here today, and a free afternoon gave me the chance to get the Hexbeam up. Luckily there was enough room to assemble the beam near the mast. First job was to fit the fibreglass spreaders which I’d already assembled a while ago. Once that was done I attached the 1:1 balun, the guy lines from the

A view from the top….

Today I ran the rotator and feeder cables back to the shack. Once I’d connected the rotator I thought it would be fun to fix a camera on top of the mast and raise it to its full height of 34 feet. Here’s the result! As you can see, I can get above most things

Finally! Tennamast up.

Due to a mix up with the courier they collected the 7.6 Adaptamast yesterday and delivered the 9.2 ground mount mast today at 11.30am. Unwrapped it and carried it around to the back of the house with the help of my brother. It’s a lot heavier than the 7.6 one! First thing was to check

Tennamast down!

Well things have changed since my last post. After all that effort I decided to go for the ground mounted mast instead, just for peace of mind really. Tennamast have been fantastic, they’ve gone out of their way to be accommodating and offered to exchange my 7.6m wall mounted mast for a 9.2m ground mounted