Finally! Tennamast up.

Due to a mix up with the courier they collected the 7.6 Adaptamast yesterday and delivered the 9.2 ground mount mast today at 11.30am. Unwrapped it and carried it around to the back of the house with the help of my brother. It’s a lot heavier than the 7.6 one!

First thing was to check the ground post for fit, then grease it up before it goes into its final position.

After all the worry about the height of the ground socket above ground it just about worked out. I think an improvement to the design would be a 50mm gap between the tabs that stop the post sliding in too far and the “foot” which the bottom of the mast slots into intead of the 25mm (which is actually even less because of the curve on the bottom plate…

The mast was lifted into position and a bolt slid through to secure the mast to the ground post. Next job was to fit the rotator cage which annoyingly wouldn’t fit over the mast. I had to hammer a wooden wedge between the gap to widen it enough. Got it there eventually but a bit frustrating.

Finally the rotator and stub mast were fitted then the mast was wound up to its upright position, locked into place and then the top section wound out…

Can’t get to put the Hex up until next week now due to dog sitting duties for a friend. Watch this space! Here are a few more photographs so you can see the tilt wires and a view that the neighbours will get, hi hi 🙂 .

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