Author: John Lovell

Tennamast up!

Thanks to John for the help today (and my brother standing on the roof at the moment of fixing) I have at last put the mast up. Yesterday I finished excavating the hole for it to rest its weight on, filled it with 20kg of cement, and luckily I found the edge of the soil

Storms, a Hex and DX

The UK has been pretty well battered these last few weeks by strong winds. I’ve listened to my mini beam swaying around on the thin walled aluminium pole each night expecting to see it bent over like a straw by morning, but surprisingly it held fast. Last week though saw the strongest gusts and although

Central America

A nice opening into central America on Saturday. Mike NQ5W a holiday station in Honduras went QRT from his pileup running split freq but he hung around on simplex and had a couple QSOs. I called him and he came straight back and we had a nice chat. After that it was YN2CC in Nicaragua and CX7DX in

Antenna news and this weekends DX

Firstly this weekend’s DX contacts, Kuwait, Australia, Kazakhstan, Morocco and the Virgin isl on Saturday, and today- Thailand, Sweden, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, India, Turkey, Egypt, Guadeloupe, Venezuela and St Helena isl. The last three all within 30 minutes of each other and actually pileup busters! I think my TGM and 100 watts is doing well

A3s or Hexbeam……

Argh! this is driving me mad. Our neighbours tree overhangs our garden and hits the house roof, and also is taking all the light. They have offered to remove the overhanging branch which means I can actually fit in a larger antenna. Originally I was going to put up a Hexbeam, but if I’m honest,

Some 10m action

At last, finally managed to work some 10m stations on a weekend. These last two weeks I’ve ended up switching off and going out for a walk due to the noise, pileups and general bad behaviour of some operators; tuning up over a station, calling without listening, calling without realising they’re working split, using recordings of

My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog how ever you ended up here. I started out on radio back in the glory days of CB when I was introduced to a little Midland AM set by a friend of mine. He had a good source of radio’s so we chipped in and bought our first CB, my handle