Central America

A nice opening into central America on Saturday. Mike NQ5W a holiday station in Honduras went QRT from his pileup running split freq but he hung around on simplex and had a couple QSOs. I called him and he came straight back and we had a nice chat. After that it was YN2CC in Nicaragua and CX7DX in Uruguay, all in the space of an hour. Sunday I didn’t get on the radio until well into the afternoon and when I did I sat far too long on a Reunion Island station only for him to go QRT. Luckily I found another, FR8DE and worked him easily! Just goes to show.

It’s very windy here and my scaffold pole mast has got bent in the gales, so tomorrow weather permitting I’ll get the TMG down and the Tennamst up with the help of my non radio friend John, then I will have to decide it the TGM is going back temporarily until I get a new aerial sourced.

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