My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog how ever you ended up here. I started out on radio back in the glory days of CB when I was introduced to a little Midland AM set by a friend of mine. He had a good source of radio’s so we chipped in and bought our first CB, my handle Laser Blazer, and my friend John was Sky Walker. Another friend appeared on the scene one day with his shiny new Cobra 148 GTL DX with sideband and I was amazed! we went out and bought our third radio (2nd was a lafayette) a Tristar 747 which actually wasn’t a very good radio. Years later I dug the radio out, fixed up a new antenna (Antron 99) and tried DXing again with little success until I spoke to a local Ham who had an old Cobra 148 for sale and I was well on my way, working around 160 DXCC countries.
I got a bit distracted by computers and radio became less and less interesting until last year when I switched on my Kenwood 570DGE and was hit by a wall of noise which drowned out any stations that I might have heard. I still don’t know what’s causing the interference but I knew then that I had a choice, forget about radio, go mobile or go legal! I Googled¬†and searched around online until I found a weekend Foundation license course in Newton Abbot which I took and passed in November 2010. I immediately started studying for my Intermediate exam which I passed in April 2011 and then my full license in October 2011.¬† Really glad I’ve finally done it after years of consideration.

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