Hexbeam working well…

Had a busy day today and worked: Sint Maarten (15m), Madagascar (10m), Taiwan (15m), Azerbaijan (15m), Asiatic Russia (15m, good audio report), Macedonia (12m), Afghanistan (12m) and Thailand (10m). Also joined a net with W4VKU and N1UK in North Carolina. They were running over 1k but gave me just as good report back. 5/9+¬†and said the audio was excellent. Yesterday wasn’t so successful, only managed Barbados but the conditions were a bit strange, probably still¬†suffering from the CME http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/News030712-X5-4.html

A good day but knackering! The Hex definitely seems to be doing the job, so pretty pleased so far.

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